Connection Point is an open web platform for container logistics. It automatically digitizes the logistics data generated between all partners around the globe.
Digital connection of all partners in multimodal container logistics
For logistic companies of any size
Trucking Companies
Railway and Rail-combi providers
Inland shipping
Shipping Lines and Agents
Forwarding companies
A breakthrough experience
in handling multimodal
container business
Standardization and simplification of rates requests, bookings and processing of bookings, easy connection to all partners in the market:
Digitize all communication
All rates come in a standard format– no extra work
Handle an endless number of requests and rateswith no additional effort
Easily manage all data (edit, search, duplicate, etc.)
All rates and bookings in one place (no switching between applications)
Access all rate and booking communication in one place (no switching between applications)
No installation costs! Connection Point is web based: no software installation on your side.
Communication today /
Communication using Connection Point
Using Connection Point
Connection Point already digitizes all communication and structures it in a standard format, without any additional effort for transformation:
Communication on the platform replaces many channels (email, phone, fax etc)
One common format instead of different formats for each contractor
Manage your data in one simple wayinstead each piece of data separately
You use different channels,and outgoing communication as well as incoming communication create unstructured, non-standardized data
Additional effort for digitization of communication
No easy connectionwith your business partners (and their systems)
Free of charge!
Free registration, no subscription fee or fee per user, no license costs. Rates exchanges are also absolutely free.In Connection Point you pay only for your booking!
Already connected
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